Welcome to my website!  

I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago's department of Economics.  My main areas of interest are International Trade, Labor and International Macroeconomics. My research focuses on understanding the impact of temporary sectoral shocks and the role of the dollar as a global currency for both trade and finance.

If you'd like to reach out, please contact me at soramarcos@uchicago.edu.

Working papers

Macroprudential policy for internal financial dollarization (with Aleksei Oskolkov).  R&R, Journal of International Economics.

Arguments for limits on foreign currency debt have been based on settings in which firms borrow from foreign investors. However, dollarization can arise as a domestic phenomenon in which firms insure households by borrowing from them in dollars. We revisit the arguments for prudential policy in this empirically relevant setting.

Work in progress

Labor reallocation during commodity booms: The role of uncertainty.

Banks and the geography of capital within borders (with Olivia Bordeu).  We study how the distribution of bank branches across cities can matter for the inter-regional allocation of investment and ultimately spatial income differences.

Trade and financial dollarization: Firm-level theory and evidence (with Aleksei Oskolkov).  We study the currency invoicing decision of Peruvian exporters during a period of de-dollarization of the national financial system.  This sheds light on the different roles that the dollar plays globally in finance and trade.



TA for Price Theory I (Profs. Kevin Murphy and Casey Mulligan) in 2021.

TA for Price Theory III (Prof. Lars Stole) in 2020 and 2021.

Executive MBA (Booth):

TA for Microeconomics (Prof. Lars Stole) in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Student reviews by year: 4.48/5; 4.57/5; 4.55/5.

TA for Global Strategy and Economics (Prof. Guido Lorenzoni) in 2023.

MBA (Booth):

TA for Avanced Microeconomics (Prof. Kevin Murphy) in 2019.

TA for Managing the Firm in the Global Economy (Prof. Jonathan Dingel) in 2021.

TA for Business in Historical Perspective (Prof. Richard Hornbeck) in 2022.


TA for Economics 201 (Lecturers Rafael Jimenez and German Villegas Bauer) in 2020.